How To Identify Font From An Image

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In terms of design, branding, and interaction typography is vital. Have you ever been unable to identify a typeface that you thought would be ideal for your upcoming project? There are few things as annoying as having to figure out which font it is, and it has occurred to all of us. Perhaps you want to maintain consistency across numerous projects, or your customer requires you to replicate an existing design. Occasionally, you’ll notice an eye-catching font in a picture or graphic and wonder immediately, “What font is that?”.Luckily, several techniques and resources are available to assist in solving this puzzle.

How To Identify Font From Image

How to identify a font

Make sure your image is search engine optimized before you begin. To improve search speed and accuracy, create a high-contrast black-and-white image that only includes the glyphs (characters).To identify a font there are many AI tools and websites available online.

Online tools to identify a font


WhatTheFont is a well-known font identification web tool that was created by MyFonts. The program allows users to upload images or enter a URL. It then analyzes the text in the image and suggests potential font matches. In the event that the automated analysis is insufficient, WhatTheFont also enables users to manually choose characters.

How To Identify Font From Image

2. Font Squirrel Matcherator

Another great web tool for font identification is Font Squirrel’s Matcherator. Users can upload an image and get font recommendations, much like WhatTheFont. Furthermore, Font Squirrel has a character identification function that lets users pick individual characters from the image for more precise outcomes.

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How To Identify Font From Image


WhatFontIs is a quick, simple, and adaptable method for locating practically any typeface commercial or free from any image. It assists thousands of designers worldwide in locating the fonts they require to complete their tasks. The robust algorithms at WhatFontIs examine your image, breaking down the features of the text and comparing them to its extensive collection of over 990,000 typefaces (both free and paid!).

How To Identify Font From Image

4. Adobe Photoshop

Graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop offers a “Match Font” feature. Select your typeface using a marquee selection after opening the picture you wish to identify in Photoshop. Next, select Type > Match Font. It will provide you with font alternatives that closely resemble the elements in the image of your choice, but only from the Adobe Font collection. If you don’t have the money to buy new typefaces but are able to locate equivalent lettering, this can be quite helpful. Get the typeface directly from Adobe’s collection and get to work designing!

How To Identify Font From Image

5. Mobile Apps

Mobile apps such as WhatTheFont and Adobe Capture are useful resources for people who are always on their phones. With the help of these apps, users may take text pictures with their smartphones’ cameras and see which typefaces were utilized. Apps for mobile font identification are useful for fast assessments when you come across intriguing typography in real-world situations.


Spotting fonts in pictures is a useful skill for designers, marketers, or anyone keen on typography. Now, with tons of online tools, browser add-ons, mobile apps, and software tricks out there, figuring out a font is easier than before. Whether you go for quick tools or take your time comparing manually, diving into font identification brings an extra thrill to the world of visuals.

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